For Women

I am committed to the collective rise of Women. My intention is to offer spaces where we can connect to ourselves, to nature & to each other. Spaces were we can be seen, heard and held.

I believe that through connecting to the natural world we will in turn discover more about our true nature, to experience ourselves as an essential part of this world, not separate from it.

Over the last few years I have been journeying within myself, filling my tool belt & I am overflowing with ideas for how, as women, we can create a better world- starting with ourselves. I'd love you to join me on this journey!

I offer workshops, women's groups, circles & ceremonies. These include:

  • Embodiment practices such as movement/ dance

  • Guided meditations & visualisations

  • Yoga

  • Teachings around the menstrual cycle & womb

  • Practices for healing & body awareness

  • Practical tools for change 

  • Sound

  • Sacred sexuality

  • Earth connection 

  • Ceremony

  • Shadow work

  • Feminine empowerment

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'You have created such an amazing space that made me feel like in a safe bubble full of love and support. It's been a real special night.

A perfect mixture of clear direction and beautiful energy. You have created such a safe space that I felt very deeply connected with all the women in the circle.'

-Women's Group Participant Jan 2018

'Elise explained everything very well and made it clear that it was a private exercise, the group of women was great and everyone felt in the right state of mind of sharing and honesty. I felt supported and it felt genuine.

Afterwards I felt great, super empowered, loved & understood.'

-Women's Group Participant Jan 2018

'Mother Goddess is reawakening: The turning spiral that whirls us in and out of existence, whose winking eye is the is the pulse of being- birth, death, rebirth- whose laughter bubbles and courses through all things and who is found only through love: love of trees, of stones, of sky and clouds, of scented blossoms and thundering waves; of all thats runs, flies and swims and crawls on her face; through love of ourselves; life-dissolving world-creating orgasmic love of each other; each of us unique and natural as a snowflake, each of us our own star, her child, her lover, her beloved, her Self.'

-Starhawk (The Spiral Dance)