Join us for our special Bass Edition of Ecstatic Dance, a universal language that brings people together and creates a beautiful community

We're excited to announce something new and a little different! We'll be serving up an entire set dedicated to our love of bass heavy dance music. You can expect a heavier, gritter set with plenty of punchy Drum & Bass, Dark House, and a variety of bassy EDM. This is an opportunity to blast out any lock-down cobwebs!

We feel that dance is needed more than ever and our intention is to create an online offering that invites you to come home to your body, to express yourself freely and to build the courage to dance without inhibitions. This space is for your own free-form movement supported by a powerful soundscape.

Our events offer a vast variety of music possibilities such as Tribal, Drum n Bass, Reggae, Jungle & House, including classical and chill-out. We carefully select tracks to assist a natural flow of peaking and resting to mirror the rhythm and energy of life!

This can be a wonderful way to exercise without any set steps or instructions. There are no steps to learn, only your natural rhythm waiting to be discovered!

Who is Ecstatic Dance Oxford?! We are Elise Tassell & Matthew Powell, we created Ecstatic Dance Oxford with the intention to mix a guided dance experience with a ‘club like’ atmosphere!

You can find out more about us here:

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