MAY 2020

Saturday 30th 10:30-17:30 & Sunday 31st 11:00-17:00



A time to be in community with Women, exploring dance, embodied movement and connection through touch

Mirroring the generous abundance in nature at this time of year, we will be offering simple yet powerful embodied practices, that allow our bodies to open up and blossom, inviting a deeper sense of aliveness and connection with ourselves and the Earth.

We are creating space for Women to be together at this potent time of year to experience ourselves more fully in our bodies, through exploring the modalities of dance, movement & simple, optional touch exercises. Our intention is to create a space of safety for you to connect with yourself,  with nature and with other Women.


There will be the opportunity to be outside on the earth, nourishing and restoring ourselves while being in deep relationship with the land.


We have a shared belief that safety and trust needs to be at the centre of our personal and collective growth and healing, this weekend will be a safely held space for you to explore the potential of being even more fully alive and awakened in your body. By creating more of a felt sense in the body this allows us to be even more in alignment and in honest communication with our inner and outer worlds.


Jessica has been dancing 5Rhythms for over 25 years and teaching for the last 12. She has a special interest in facilitating women’s work and believes strongly in the importance of women’s leadership and what that looks like. She is the co-owner of Wild Honey health food stores and is in her second year of Family Constellations and has recently started training in Wholebody Focusing.

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Elise is an Earth centred teacher & facilitator of yoga, dance & connection with nature through ritual and ceremony. Her intention is to offer safe and supportive spaces where each participant is invited to develop a sense of agency in regards to their bodies and movement practice. She is also the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Oxford.


Iffley Church Hall, 116-122 Church Way, Oxford, OX4 4EG

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Early Bird £90 for both days until 1st April & £125 after

For any enquiries, please contact or

No previous experience of 5Rhythms or movement is needed

Spaces are limited so please book in advance

This is a non-residential retreat