'Cacao is a wake-up food. It wakes you up to your full power, to who you truly are, to the potentiality of the moment, to the infinite & abundant nature of the universe'
-Kate Magic (raw food expert)

So what is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao = Chocolate, but not chocolate as we know it!

Ceremony is a time set away from our busy lives, to pause, to be, to connect. There is often opportunity for sharing, to witness and hear each other as part of a community. You can expect that we will drink the highest quality ceremonial grade cacao together, to assist us to open our hearts and connect more deeply to ourselves and to others.

Ceremonies are often themed around seasonal changes, the moon cycle and astrological events. They can be sculpted to your needs and can be a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, set intentions, or cross a threshold in your life. They can be combined with dance, movement, sound or meditation.



Effects & Benefits of

Raw Cacao

  • It's high in Magnesium, which aids relaxation, supports the heart & nervous system, assists in bone building. Also helps with pre- menstrual symptoms and cramps- no wonder women crave it before menstruation!

  • Iron & b-vitamins

  • sulphur, beneficial for skin, hair & nails.

  • Strong Anti-oxidant, even stronger than green tea! 

  • Anandamide- the 'bliss' chemical. A cannabinoid found in the human brain

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) 'The molecule of joy' only present in two foods, cacao being one of them. Creates feelings of happiness & euphoria. PEA levels are at their highest during orgasm.

  • Theobromine, the sister of caffeine with about 1/4 of the stimulant power, relaxes smooth muscles and dilates blood vessels.

  • Tryptophan, an essential amino acid which the brain uses to make serotonin.

  • Arginine, an amino acid known as 'nature's viagra' which increases blood flow to the heart & gentitals

Metaphysical Effects

  • Cacao is thought to be Yang as it is a Sun food and has a 'rising & ascending' effect of the subtle energy body.

  • Enhances our ability to access our intuition

  • Awakens the heart space, allowing us to connect more deeply to ourselves & those around us.

  • The food of abundance, helping us to tap into the abundant nature of the universe.

'I just want to say thanks for a lovely event on friday night, it was created with so much love and pure intentions. The space felt so inviting and cosy and I felt very relaxed to just be myself and do what I needed to do. I loved every track of music (which unbelievably I'd never heard ANY of them before and I have tons of different music).... also the hugs were delicious at the end. I felt comfortable with everyone...Thank you!'

-Participant of Equinox Cacao Ceremony

Cacao: A short History

Human use of the Cacao fruit can be traced back via archeological evidence to 2,000 BCE. The 'Olmecs' of Mexico were likely the first civilisation to use cacao.

The Mayans came after, they used it as a central part of their civilisation, as well as in ritual. Cacao beans were used as currency and there were Cacao Gods.

The Aztecs, rose after the collapse of Mayan civilisation. Inheriting the Mayans use of Cacao, they also used it ritualistically and it was associated with wealth, prestige & nobility.

Hernan Cortes was the first to bring Cacao to Europe. He arrived in Mexico in 1519 & took the Aztec emperor Montezuma hostage. Rumours stated that Montezuma would drink up to 50 cups of cacao before visiting his harem. When political turmoil caused Cortes to return to Spain, amongst other precious goods, he bought back Cacao beans!

Cacao was traditionally mixed as a drink with water and seasoned with chilli. In the west we have since added milk, sugar and many other processes to make the 'chocolate' that we know today. Sadly this process results is a loss of the key nutrients & enzymes that make raw cacao so potent and powerful!


Naked Chocolate – David Wolfe & Shazzie 2005

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Daisy Kaye- Sacred Cacao Ceremony & 5 Element Dance