I discovered Yoga & Tantra in my early 20s, when western medicine was not able to offer any relief for the anxiety and physical symptoms of stress I was experiencing. This sent me on an ongoing quest of self-enquiry and personal development.


This quest led me across the globe to train as a Sacred Femininity Facilitator, where I received qualification in the Tao Tantric Arts.  A love of dance led me to train with Daisy Kaye in 5 Element Dance & Sacred Cacao Ceremony. I qualified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Quota, a UK charity, who aims to offer yoga to those who are in need.  I'm currently part-way through a feminine leadership/facilitator training with Jewels Wingfield.


My present exploration lies deep within the land I call home (UK), following a thread of intuition & the story of our ancestors. A stint of living closer to nature, bought me into communion with the seasons and the cycles of life we experience. This is where I root my work. I believe that through connection to nature we can learn more about our true essence. From this place I weave together dance, embodiment practices, meditation, yoga & ceremony to create a rich tapestry of offerings.


My intention is to offer spaces that are safe and supportive, spaces to be seen, heard and held as part of a collective. To provide you with tools and practices for awakening your unique potential as a human being.